Profit – For Men Bring Back That Loving Feeling!


PROFIT For Men – Bring Back That Loving Feeling!

  1. Helps boost testosterone levels
  2. Helps increase sexual libido
  3. Helps tackle erectile dysfunction
  4. Helps improve hormone balance
  5. Helps improve muscle strength
  6. Helps decrease body fat


Profit — Key Benefits, Ingredients, & Other Info

Key Benefits

Profit was designed specifically for enhancing male health and performance. Take Profit daily to tackle the symptoms of low testosterone, including: low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, losing muscle mass, increasing body fat, declining energy, and fragile bones.

No matter your age, take Profit daily to regain strength, restore energy, and reclaim control.


  • Boosts testosterone levels
  • Increases sexual libido
  • Helps tackle erectile dysfunction
  • Increases sperm count, movement, and vitality


  • Increases lean body mass
  • Improves muscular strength
  • Decreases body fat


  • Lowers stress hormone levels
  • Reduces feelings of tension, anger and confusion

Serving Size & Other Info

Servings per Bottle: 40 x 350mg capsules
Net weight per Bottle: 16g

Directions for use:
Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening daily with water.

Storage: Keep in a dry place below 30°C avoiding light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children. Close the bottle cap tightly after using.

✔️ HACCP Food Safety Certified
✔️ GMP Certified
✔️ Halal Certified
✔️ Kosher Certified
✔️ Organic Plant-based
✔️ No Artificial Preservatives
✔️ No Artificial Additives
✔️ No Artificial Colours
✔️ No Artificial Sweeteners


TONGKAT ALI “Natures Viagra from Malaysia”
Derived from the plant Eurycoma Longifolia, also known as Malaysian Ginseng.

Tongkat Ali has been used for centuries as an anti-ageing herbal remedy with a focus on men’s reproductive health. Tongkat Ali is rich in powerful antioxidants and is clinically supported to boost testosterone, improve sexual performance, increase muscle strength, and reduce stress.

Boosts Testosterone
Low testosterone is common as a result of ageing, obesity, some medications, medical conditions (including liver and kidney disease, sleep disorders, and type 2 diabetes), and testicular injuries.

After the age of 30-40, testosterone levels decline by around 1% each year. By restoring testosterone levels, Tongkat Ali helps reduce unwanted effects of male ageing, including decreased sexual drive and performance.

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  • In a study of 76 men with late-onset hypogonadism, taking Tongkat Ali for 1 month resulted in a significant 46% increase in testosterone levels and improvements in the Ageing Male Symptoms (AMS) score. The AMS scale includes measures such as decrease in libido/sexual desire, decrease in muscular strength, sleep problems, lacking vitality, and depressive mood.
  • Sexual libido and sperm motility increased in middle-aged men taking Tongkat Ali. These were the results of a 12-week, gold standard study with 109 men aged 30-55. Sperm motility is the ability for sperm to move, or “swim,” efficiently.
  • Erection hardness and sexual intercourse attempts increased in middle-aged men taking Tongkat Ali. These were the results of a 12-week gold standard study with 26 men aged 40-65, taking a combination of Tongkat Ali and Polygonum minus.
  • In this 3-month study with 75 men, those taking Tongkat Ali saw significant improvements in sperm concentration and sperm motility.
  • In a recent animal study, Tongkat Ali resulted in a 54.6% increase in sperm concentration, a 21.9% increase in sperm vitality, and a 3.5% increase in sperm motility.

Increases Muscle and Reduces Fat
Slowed hormone production from normal ageing makes it more challenging to both gain and maintain muscle mass. According to Harvard Health Publishing, most men will lose around 30% of their muscle mass, losing up to 3-5% per decade starting from the age of 30.

Low levels of testosterone can lead to significant loss of muscle mass and an increase in body fat. Tongkat Ali helps to prevent these unwanted changes by restoring testosterone to youthful levels.

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Reduces Stress
Unmanaged stress can lead to early ageing and contribute to serious health problems, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Common effects of stress include a change in appetite, sex drive, fatigue, exercising less often, depression, and more.

In today’s busy lifestyle, stress seems to be unavoidable. When left unmanaged, stress can affect both testosterone and sperm production, reducing sex drive and sperm motility. Tongkat Ali may help reduce the harmful effects of stress by restoring testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali may also be effective in managing stress, with one study showing a 16% reduction in cortisol, the primary stress hormone.

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