Prodetox – For a Cleaner Mind and Body!


PRODETOX – For a Cleaner Mind and Body!

  1. Helps flush out toxins and heavy metals
  2. Helps protect the kidneys, liver and colon
  3. Helps cleanse the blood
  4. Helps protect cell membranes
  5. Helps fight inflammation
  6. Helps support overall detoxification


Prodetox — Key Benefits, Ingredients, & Other Info

Key Benefits

Prodetox brings together herbal ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to help detoxify, protect major organs, and support overall health. The benefits of Prodetox are especially needed in today’s world, with increasing exposure to toxic and harmful materials in day to day life.


  • Supports the liver’s detoxification system
  • Promotes healthy blood flow
  • Acts as a natural diuretic


  • Helps improve kidney and liver function
  • Helps speed up wound healing
  • Helps defend against inflammatory conditions
  • Helps protects against kidney stone formation and gout

Serving Size & Other Info

Servings per Box: 15 x 5g sachets
Net weight per Box: 75g

Directions for use:
Take one sachet daily. Mix one sachet with 100ml of cold water, stir well and consume. Do not use hot water.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

✔️ HACCP Food Safety Certified
✔️ GMP Certified
✔️ Halal Certified
✔️ Kosher Certified
✔️ Organic Plant-based
✔️ No Artificial Preservatives
✔️ No Artificial Additives
✔️ No Artificial Colours
✔️ No Artificial Sweeteners


A medicinal herb that is widely grown in Southeast Asia and tropical areas

Also known as Orthosiphon Stamineus or Cat’s whiskers, Misai Kucing is traditionally used for kidney cleansing, as a diuretic, and to tackle inflammatory conditions such as gout and rheumatism.

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Used for centuries in Europe, North America, and Asia for its detoxifying properties.

Burdock has been used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a natural way to purify blood and increase blood circulation. It’s also used to detoxify the liver and to fight against oxidation and inflammation.

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  • In two different animal studies, burdock showed the potential to protect the liver from damage. Two measures of liver damage are elevated liver enzymes and a decrease in the antioxidant glutathione. Burdock was able to reverse these effects, lowering the levels of liver enzymes and restoring glutathione concentrations.
  • In the same two studies, burdock reversed the decreases in cytochrome P-450 activity. The cytochrome P-450 system is essential for the body’s detoxification process.
  • Preliminary studies suggest that burdock promotes healthy blood flow by keeping blood vessels smooth and flexible.

An herb that is indigenous to Western Asia and Europe

The name of the marshmallow plantAlthea officinalis, comes from the Greek word “althein,” which means “to heal.” Marshmallow has been used for hundreds of years to help treat respiratory conditions and is known for its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.

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  • Researchers suggest that marshmallow extract can help form a protective coating on the lining of the throat, giving a soothing feeling and helping with irritation and inflammation.
  • The results of surveys conducted in Germany showed that marshmallow extract helped improve symptoms of dry cough.
  • In an animal study, marshmallow extract helped improve wound healing, showing potential antibacterial activity.


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